WWT 2022 Release Notes: Web Client

The WWT web client has seen substantial under-the-hood changes in WWT 2022.

HTTPS Support

The web client now fully supports HTTPS!

HiPS Support

The web client also now support HiPS data sets! A large number of built-in sets are now made available in a new section of the “Explore” ribbon.

Updated Data Collections

Beyond the new HiPS data, the web client’s data holdings have been updated extensively. As of the WWT 2022 launch, they are not fully in sync with what is exposed by the Windows client, but we expect to harmonize them in the near future.

User Interface for Catalog HiPS Data Sets

The new engine support for progressive HiPS catalog data sets has been wired into the user interface, so that you can click on catalogs in the explorer and add them to the client view as layers.

Retuned Mobile Interface

The mobile version of the webclient UI has been tuned to be a bit cleaner and fix up a few interface elements.

Backend Improvements

The webclient frontend has been split from the engine and made much more maintainable with release automation and continuous integration tooling. New infrastructure also makes local testing and beta-testing much easier (i.e., possible at all). These improvements underlie virtually all of the fixes listed above.

Bugfixes, etc.

Of course, the WWT 2022 webclient features many bugfixes and small improvements not mentioned here. See the detailed WWT 2022 components list for links to developer resources such as code repositories and comprehensive changelogs.

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