Get Started with WWT 2022: For Planetarians

One of WWT’s unique features is that it can showcase content across such a wide range of systems — from your web browser to state-of-the-art multi-channel domes. Especially in “these unprecedented times,” we hope this makes WWT an exciting tool for all kinds of planetarians!

Get the Software

The first thing to do is to get your hands on the WWT software. For planetarium uses, you’ll want the WWT Windows application:

If you’re new to WWT, have some fun playing around with it and exploring the interface!

If you already have WWT installed in a “production” environment like a dome or museum kiosk, we strongly recommend that you upgrade carefully. While the WWT team strives to keep the Windows application functioning as reliably as possible, the upgrades with WWT 2022 include internal changes to the app (e.g., a new default installation directory) that may require updates to existing setups. Do not upgrade your production installation without thorough advance testing. Do your testing in an environment that cannot interfere with your production systems. While the WWT team aspires to provide a high level of service, we provide support on a best-effort basis and cannot guarantee timely technical assistance.

Learn About WWT’s Dome Features

If you’re not already familiar with WWT, you should definitely consult the WWT Planetarium Guide to learn more about its support for planetarium domes, and whether it might be compatible with your setup. Even if you are familiar, it doesn’t hurt to refresh your memory!

Another great resource is the WWT Tour Authoring Guide, which describes how to create scripted WWT “guided tours”. See especially the Impacts tutorial, which includes a series of videos showing the creation of a production-quality tour.

Next Steps

The WWT team is excited about the possibilities opened up by pairing the WWT Windows application with its web-based siblings. Tours that play in the dome can also play in the web browser, giving a way for your audiences to stay in touch after they leave the planetarium — and a way for them to get excited about upcoming events. The WWT Embed Creator tool creates shareable links to tours. For instance, this Sky & Telescope article embeds a WWT tour to provide an interactive, multimedia tour of the some bright stars in the northern winter night sky. There are plenty of other ways to leverage WWT’s web capabilities too — and with a bit of web know-how, your imagination is the limit!

Getting Help

If you run into any issues, we recommend seeking support on the WWT user forum, or asking through one of the social media channels listed on the Connect page.

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