Get Started with WWT 2022: For Enthusiasts

If you’re not using WWT in a professional capacity, we recommend using the classic WWT “client” applications.

Use the WWT Web Client

The WWT “web client” is a multimedia application that lets you explore the universe from the comfort of your own web browser! No installation needed. Launch it here:

Navigate the sky, pull up imagery taken by the world’s best telescopes, and watch guided tours that explain, educate, and entertain!

Install the Windows Client

If you use the Windows operating system, you can also download and install the WWT Windows client here:

Compared to the web client, the Windows client offers higher performance, a more sophisticated tour editor, and advanced functionality like support for VR headsets.

Next Steps

The app is just the beginning. We encourage you to connect with the WWT community to stay informed about new data, learn about WWT events, and share your own creations!

Getting Help

If you run into any issues, we recommend seeking support on the WWT user forum, or asking through one of the social media channels listed on the Connect page.

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